Five Ways to Look Stylish and Conservative


As a salesperson for Nordstrom, Fashion is a compulsory experience. I have witnessed all types of styles; from wild looks to more conservative looks. Here are five steps I’ve learned from dressing conservative women.


As a full time employee of the fashion store, Nordstrom, I had to familiarize myself with several fashion trends. I learned through working in my department, Point of View, that conservative dressing does not need to be boring. My department specialized in dressing working, senior and adult women. Here are five tips that our department focused on:

1. What is your size? Knowing your size and getting fit is crucial to knowing what fits your body. When a woman dresses according to her size, she is more confident thus making her feel comfortable.

2. Who is your favorite designer? Designers have a niche that makes them special. A woman who favors Michael Kors might be into animal print or bold colors. By learning this information, women will understand their personal style and use a basic designer as their focus style.

3. How conservative do you want to dress? Most women that came to my department looked younger than 40, even though they were not. By dressing according to how conservative you want to look, rather than age, you get to know how you want to look and what you feel like wearing. When women understand their occasion or their desired look, they spend more time on things they actually want to wear.

4. What are you shopping for? Most women came for several reasons, vacation, wedding etc. Dressing conservative could acquire taste. So you might need professional help. In order for the professional to know how to help, they need to understand what you are shopping for. From this point, a salesperson or stylist will limit their search to suggestions for your event.

5. Try it on! Trying on clothes means that you get to handpick your combined look. You can fit your taste, dress the part and still be appropriate if you get the feel for your look. It is not enough to try on just the clothes; dress with several accessories i.e. a belt or several pieces of jewelries, to give your look a boost without overdoing it.

That’s it! Five great steps to dressing conservative, fabulous and stylish.

Fashion is a Great Mood Booster


Why do millions of consumers spend so much on fashion. Fashion is like food to many, the better you look the healthier your mind.

According to sources from key department stores, fashion is a medium by which we express. Through fashion we can express the craziness, sanity, intensity, devotion of our minds. Fashion comes in all forms, one form of fashion is conservative clothing i.e. Michael Kors…another form could be playful clothing i.e. Ralph Lauren. No matter who we are, we are the beautifiers of the world. Why? Mainly because we come in all shapes and sizes and no matter what, we can improve our moods with a means of expression, in this article fashion.

Fashion has always been a viable medium by which many customers at Lord and Taylor, current place of work, release stress. They come into the store with loads of issues. Some are desperate for a good aesthetic. Some desire to do what they love, spend money. Fashion to many is a mental remedy. Most customers come to the store angry at the world with they distasteful frowns and at the cash register after shopping away, they become a radiant beauty, smiling so contently.

Fashion can find us regardless of our budgets. Fashion can find us at the thrift store, salvation army, online, boutiques etc. One thing that lends us joy is shopping within budget. Regret can cause deeper anger and sadness. But, shopping within a budget helps relieve stress thus supporting the fact that fashion is a stress reliever, a mood improver and when done within budget, great for you.